Why Do Kids Get Bored?

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“Mom/Dad….I’m bored!” As a parent, how often do you hear this from your kids? What is your child trying to tell you? No matter how many toys have accumulated from countless birthdays and holidays, it’s difficult to keep little minds and bodies occupied, and more importantly, entertained!

Don’t fret - you’re still a #SuperParent! This sudden boredom isn’t a reflection on your parenting, it’s inevitable among young kids. What’s happening is most likely one of two things. First of all, kids get bored with routine play. When the same toys are being played with at the same time daily, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. As well, it’s no secret that kids get restless. It’s in their nature - this is actually a good thing because your kid is trying to tell you they want a more stimulating environment. This can be created by providing your kid(s) with toys that encourage imaginative play and creativity, as well as a safe place where they are free to be expressive.

For those kids aching for imaginative play, Antsy Pants interactive playsets are an awesome alternative to stagnant play. Watch your kids imagination come to life as they transform into anything from a circus performer or pirate, to a baker or grocery store owner. Who says a fairy tale castle can’t be filled with play balls? Or a lemonade stand can’t sell donuts? The play opportunities and combinations are endless with the Antsy Pants playsets and accessories!

When kids are creating their own experiences through active play, they are less likely to be bored! Kindergarteners in particular benefit from a rule-free active play that doesn’t involve the “teaching” of skills. Since their cognitive ability is still developing, it's hard for them to follow rules.  It’s through active play that they learn rules and skills at their own pace (and on their own terms).

In these early years, kids play choices are all about learning through exploration. Allow your kids to create their own fun and learn through their own first-hand experiences that they have created for themselves.

Here are a few ways to create an environment that nurtures imaginative play:

  1. Kids love playing dress up - stock the playroom with fun dress-up costumes and accessories. This brings playtime to life with more character or role-playing opportunities!
  2. Use color to create an interesting and stimulating environment. This will liven up the play possibilities!
  3. Use furniture that allows for safe play. By removing sharp edges and flimsy furniture, all space can be used to create an immersive play experience.

With Antsy Pants, you can let imaginations run wild! After all, play is the most cherished part of childhood.



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