3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Moving

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How do you keep your kids moving? With kids’ tech toys and apps rapidly evolving, this is the new #MomStruggle and #DadStruggle of the 21st century!

As a kid, playtime is THE best time of the day. Young minds are curious and eager to explore, imagine and create. Play teaches kids about their likes, dislikes and it’s the first time they have control over the activity they’re doing. This is so important in a child's physical, emotional and social development, and as a parent you’re the one in charge of teaching your kids all about the importance of active play!

We know what you’re thinking… How do you teach your kids about active play when you barely find time to make it to the gym yourself?

The answer is simple enough : do it together! It's important for families to incorporate daily active play time in their lives, whether it be indoors or outdoors. By making this part of the daily routine, your little one’s will be more likely to continue this routine into their adolescent and teenage years.

So how do you make active play a regular, but more importantly, fun part of your kids’ day?

  1. Availability is the key to success

You don’t need an indoor jungle gym to get your kids moving! By creating Antsy Pants Build and Play Kits, kids get all the benefits of active play. Your little one’s will be so occupied that they won’t even miss those tablets (it’s a miracle, we know!). Putting the sets together and imagining new structures will keep them moving and thinking, and it may even give you a second of “me” time.

  1. The more energy used, the easier the bedtime

As the parent (and the boss with the buying power), you decide what toys your kids play with. When choosing toys, consider the amount of activity and imagination the toy requires.  As the weather gets warmer, Antsy Pants new line of kites and sand toys are perfect for outdoor playtime. Don’t forget the added bonus that active play leads to an easier bedtime - a definite plus!

  1. Get active together… and then nap

It’s always more fun for the child when they get a little play time with Mom or Dad. Don’t be afraid to help your little one build an Antsy Pants structure, or get hands-on in our ballpit. Side note: this is also a perfect excuse for you to participate in an afternoon nap!

Active play benefits your children in more ways than you can imagine! Beyond maintaining physical health, it helps improve behavior, confidence, problem solving and communication skills. By fostering a healthy environment, purchasing toys that encourage mobility and imagination, and moving with your kids, active play will become part of their daily routine!

After all, kids are kids. Playing is a crucial part of being young and that’s why, here at Antsy Pants, we’re committed to keeping kids active, imaginative and having fun!







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