H-2-O-yeah! Tips to Keep Little Ones Hydrated

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Summertime is here and kids are getting excited to run out of classrooms and enjoy some #funinthesun! With lots of fun outdoor activities, the season of sunshine allows for your little ones to stay active all day. However, in order for them to keep moving, they need to stay hydrated!

Did you know that children are at a greater risk of dehydration that adults?It’s true! Even though children are smaller, they require more water than an adult to keep them healthy and growing. This is why water is one of the most important things for children’s health, especially in the long, hot summer months. Some symptoms of dehydration include headaches, irritability, sleepiness, a loss of energy and overall crankiness. Your children need water to maintain their energy levels and participate in all the summer fun.

It is important to encourage them to drink water all day, even if they don’t think they are thirsty. Though many people may prefer sugary drinks, such as juice or soda, these drinks don’t provide the same health benefits as water.

Here are some tricks to keep your little ones constantly sipping and staying hydrated:

  • Keep their water chilled. Children enjoy the taste of cold water over warm, and cold drinks will keep them refreshed on hot summer days.
    • Extra fun tip: Keep shaped ice cube trays in the freezer. Add different shaped ice cubes to their water every day. Not only will this keep their water cold, but it will also add an element of fun to each sip!
  • Have your children choose a cup or bottle with their favorite colors, characters and/or logos to be their special water cup. The catch is that they can only use it for water!
  • Add a slice of fruit (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) or fresh herbs like mint to change the taste of their water. This will make their drink more exciting and add some variety!
  • Always send your child with a water bottle or tumbler. (We love this one). This will easily allow them to drink and refill throughout their busy day.
  • Turn drinking water into a fun family game. There are many games and challenges that you can create around drinking water. Have a chart that tracks their water refills! Every time they have a glass of water, they can add a sticker to their chart. Once they reach their overall goal, they receive a prize!
  • Be a good role model. Drink lots of water yourself and eliminate sugary drinks from the house.

These hacks can help to get your kids in the habit of loving and drinking water. It’s summertime, so keep your kids healthy, active and ready to go with H2O!

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